Das Gedicht des Tages vom 02. Dezember 2013

Karsch, Anna Luise - Lob der schwarzen Kirschen

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fh0t79wumxf schreibt am 17. März 2014

I think a lot of how people shulod behave at a classical concert ought to come down to the wisdom of crowds. There are times when it absolutely seems appropriate to applaud at the end of a movement as Cinda pointed out, the first movement of the Tchaik Violin Concerto is a prime example and to glower at anyone for doing so seems ridiculous a pompous violation of common sense.But there are plenty of other times when silence is more appropriate, and in most situations, the vast majority of an audience will sense the right thing to do and go with it. What I usually tell people unsure about when to applaud is to wait a moment and take the measure of the room. It's pretty easy to figure out which way the crowd is leaning.Basically, I never mind applause at unexpected moments unless it seems forced, or deliberately designed to . But I'm not sure we need to rewrite the whole rule book to accommodate that

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